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Hi!  My name is Sara and I am the owner of The Brazen Buffalo.  Thank you for stopping by to check out my small business and what we have to offer!


The Brazen Buffalo came about over a dinner conversation with my husband.  I have always loved parties and entertaining, and I find having a good bottle of wine with close friends/family is good for the soul. On any given week day for lunch you can find me eating an "adult lunchable" with cold cuts, cheese, mustard, crackers and some fruit!  And, I tend to think my "adult lunchable" when served with "style" on a gorgeous board looks pretty appetizing and tastes fabulous too!  When my husband and I started brainstorming, the ideas just kept rolling off my tongue--my sister helped come up with the official name--and from all of the ideas and support from my family, I was able to bring The Brazen Buffalo to fruition. 


The Brazen Buffalo represents the heart of west Texas--from the true strength and determination of the mighty buffalo, to a dose of "classic grit," that anyone born in the panhandle knows is a must-have.


I am most importantly a wife, and a mom to two littles.  My sweet 4 year old girl, Cayton, and my "all-boy" 2 year old, Cal (thank you Jesus for such chill and happy babies). I have been a small business owner for 6 years now (my sister and I also own Front Door Decor), and have definitely realized it is not for the faint of heart--that's where that buffalo strength comes into play.  Anyhow--I look forward to meeting you, and helping you feed all of your hungry friends & family--what's better than a classic version of an "adult lunchable" with some added goodies that are way better than a cookie and Capri Sun? 


Thanks again for stopping by!

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