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Buffalo Boards

** Please note tax and delivery fee not included**

Any specific requests dealing with allergies or special preferences may alter price accordingly. Any delivery outside of the local Lubbock area will be subject to a delivery charge based upon mileage for the delivery/pick up.

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The Buffalo Box


Individual Box filled with a little bit of everything: 1-2 meats, 1-2 cheeses, a dip/spread, crackers, a variety of seasonal fruits/veggies and something sweet. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or a special lunch treat! 

Feeds 1 person

*Also offer boxes for 2-4 for $75 and boxes for 6-8 for $110-perfect for road trips, picnics, etc.


This board is the perfect size for just the two of you, a couple's hangout, or to share between you and a few friends. Patio sitting at it's finest!

Feeds 2-4 people

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This board is meant for an intimate event, potluck dish, open houses or a small family function.

Feeds up to 6 people.

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This board is designed for bigger group events, large families, or a small staff treat

Feeds up to 8 people.

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This board is perfect for larger events where everyone can enjoy themselves: parties, business openings, holiday gatherings etc.  The perfect grazing board with an appetizer for everyone!

Feeds 10-12 people.

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Pricing for brunch boards will be the same as pricing above: based on the number of people/size of the board. This board is great for Saturday brunch with mimosas, baby/wedding showers, bridal parties for the wedding day etc.  Can be sweet, savory, or a blend of both. 

Contact for further details.


 For parties of 35 or more, let's talk details and decide what the best fit will be for your event.
Please call for pricing and options.

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A large table top spread perfect for relaxed grazing and socializing.  Weddings, showers, holiday parties etc.

Pricing starts at $15.50 per person.  Please send inquiry form so we can discuss details.

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A skinny table runner of charcuterie that works great down the middle of any table and allows for grazing from both sides.

Pricing starts at $15.50 per person.  Please send inquiry form so we can discuss details.

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The Buffalo Bitty Box

$8.50 per person/per box

The bitty boxes are perfect for a large group function: business meetings, fundraisers, awards ceremonies, luncheons etc.  Each individual box comes with a snack sized portion of all the goodies.  Crackers/pretzels/popcorn etc. individually wrapped and served "on the side."

Feeds 1 per box

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The Buffalo Bitty Bite

$9.50 per person/per cone

The "bitty bite" a.k.a the food cone: a perfectly unique, individual portion of charcuterie, designed to fit inside an easy to hold food cone.  Attention getting, eye catching and perfect for any event with a large crowd!  Business expos, wedding receptions, you name it and I can create a cone that's perfect for any occasion.

Each individual cone feeds 1

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